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In a career spanning more than four decades, Kansas was one of the most successful basketball teams in college basketball history. Kansas plays in sold-out arenas and stadiums and has played in more NCAA tournament games than any other team in NCAA tournament history.

Well-known songs written in Kansas were at home in Kansas after the Civil War, as Kansas became more known for its natural beauty and natural resources than for its military prowess. Kansas music remains one of the most popular genres in the country, with lyrics referring to the state with its open landscape. Kansas was my favorite band then and still is today; The Wall was a unique blend of blues, country, folk, rock and country. This song established something of a template for Kansas music and could compete with Dixie Chicks, the Grateful Dead and the Rolling Stones.

Psychiatry used to be a kind of local industry, but the infamous Topeka State Hospital closed in 1997 and the Menninger Clinic moved to Houston in 2002.

When Kansas returned two years later, the band had replaced Walsh with John Elefante, who had proven to be one of the best guitarists and songwriters in the country. Other Kansas bands signed during the same period included Dixie Chicks, D.C. Blues and the Kansas City Blues Band, among others.

In the following years, Charlie Parker, a Kansas City, MO, funeral director, became known. Psychic Archie began to gain a following in Lawrence, where they opened up to Husker Du. Paw Lawrence became the most famous of these bands after the death of the band's lead singer and guitarist, John Elefante, in the early 1970s.

Carlson taught elementary general music, starting with strings, at Whitson Elementary in Topeka, KS, and also saw his son and son-in-law perform as part of their band. He was a founding member of the Kansas City, MO, Band, the Bluegrass Band and one of its founding members, John Elefante.

He played in some high school bands and was on the road with professional acts playing oldies and current hits. During his 1979 tour, he saw a concert at the Jam in St. Louis that inspired him to introduce his original music to the public.

When I was ten, everyone in Topeka knew the Kansas band, even the older ones, because the boys were from Hayden High, the school they went to. What made it even cooler was that the Kansas members were my grandparents, Max and Margaret Baker, who lived on Stratford Road in Topeka. On a visit to my grandfather's house, he told me that Mr. and Mrs. Williams had a son next door who played in the music combo. He knew of my newfound interest in music and was hanging out at the Gage Bowl, but I was only seven years old at the time.

As it turned out, Mr. and Mrs. Williams "son was a member of the band at the Gage Bowl in Kansas in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

But even the loyal prog fans in Kansas couldn't escape the pull of "Dust in the Wind," and the enormous success of the song would eventually lead to the band's demise. Oliver had gone east with his guitar a few years earlier and joined Kiss manager Bill Aucoin in the band Piper. Founded in Lawrence, the company went through personnel changes and a move to Topeka, but over the years members left the company and returned. A lot of rock'n "roll was going on in Kansas at the time, when they got a record deal from Don Kirshner's eponymous label and brought Kansas to life.

The rousing and impressive retelling of the Icarus myth came out, and the big Kansas fans didn't want to stick to the treatment. The band from Kansas is very dear to my heart for several reasons, not least because it introduced me to the world of rock'n'roll, but not only because the band is from my hometown of Topeka, Kansas.

The album Leftoverture was performed in its entirety, and live recordings of the band appeared on the cover of Billboard magazine and in a number of other publications. Their 40th anniversary show featured songs from all 11 albums, including the new Prelude and Implicit, and culminated in a live performance of "Prelude" and "Implicit" from the album's second and third albums. The group also performed at the Kansas State Fair in Kansas City, Kansas, on July 4 and 5. European colonization, which provided a state address to the Union - the - spanning the decades before and after.

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