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Shawnee is a small town of about 66,407 people on the outskirts of Kansas City, with a variety of entertainment options to keep residents out of the city. Late last year, Jill Cockson began work on her first project: a cosy craft cocktail bar that is to open in the neighboring town of Topeka, just a few miles from downtown.

The hotel is a Western Mid - America Inn in the heartland of Kansas and offers many demand generators including hotels, restaurants, bars and a variety of entertainment options for guests and guests alike. The Salina, KS hotel is located in a small town on the Kansas-Missouri border between I-135 and I-70. It offers a comfortable retreat for all guests coming from outside the "heartland" and is located just a few kilometers south of downtown Topeka.

Exit Linn County, Kansas: Go to the Western Mid - America Inn in Salina, KS from I-135 at 24141. Get on I-70 at 2300 W. from the Interstate 70 exit on the Kansas-Missouri border at the Topeka Kansas Best Western Hotel

Most of the plots are available in Wichita in a variety of hotels and motels, but most are well suited to staying at the Topeka Kansas Best Western Hotel at 2300 W. Main Street.

The hotel is located at 2300 W. Main Street in Topeka, Kansas, just south of downtown Wichita. Located on the west side of Kansas State University campus, it offers a variety of amenities including a gym, fitness center and indoor pool. There is a restaurant and bar and an outdoor terrace with pool and pool terrace.

The Best Western Topeka Inn & Suites accepts pets up to 50 lbs. Pets are welcome for an additional fee of $50 per pet per night, and pets of all sizes are welcome at no additional charge for $100 per stay. KS looking for a dog, cat or any other pet you can keep with you? Hyatt Place Top Kansas City, KS is onshore and allows pets weighing less than 1 lb. And as big as 5 lbs for the same fee.

The Capitol Plaza Hotel in Topeka welcomes three pets of all sizes for an additional $75 per stay. The Ramada Convention Center in Downtown Top Kansas City, KS welcomes four pet sizes to Close Country Inn & Suites for a rate of $50 per pet per night for up to three nights. The RamADA Convention Center in downtown Topka accepts two pets of any size at no additional charge and for $25 per stay.

The best place to discover the Ozarks is Lake Ozark in central Missouri. It is almost always best to stay in Topeka, KS. On Table Rock Lake on the Arkansas border, this houseboat rental hotel offers stunning lake views. The best starting spots are at Lake Topka, Kansas City, KC, and in Topko, MO.

The cities of Topeka and Kansas City, Kansas, are located in the northeast of the state along a section of Interstate 70 known as the Kansas Turnpike toll road. The highway, located on the Kansas-Missouri border, runs from north to south and is the only major highway between Kansas and Missouri where a toll is collected.

Lawrence offers several hotels, including some along the highway, and travelers leaving or arriving at Kansas City will find a number of hotels in the area, including the Topeka Western Hotel and Lawrence Hotel.

Conveniently located off I-70 near Exit 252, the newly renovated La Quinta Inn & Suites Salina is the perfect destination for those who want to visit the Saline. Located at the intersection of Interstate 70 and Interstate 75 in Topeka, Best Western and Motel 6 have their own hotels in the area, as well as a number of restaurants and bars.

If your plan is right for you, you will find yourself in Shawnee, Kansas, just a few hours north of Topeka. We've listed some of the best hotel options in the area to help you choose a good hotel in and around Shawnees.

This Kansas, KS metal rv garage is for sale for $7.5 million, which can serve most of the U.S., saving up to 70%. The cheapest business sale we have in Kansas is currently for sale on the Pet Supply website and is in Kansas City, Kansas, at a price of $6.7 million, and the most expensive business sale I have had in Kansas is currently on their website for the past 3 years, with a price of over $5.8 million. See all our Topeka Kansas best hotels, restaurants, hotels in Shawnee, Kansans best rental cars, best rental cars and more.

See all our Topeka Kansas best hotels, restaurants, hotels in Shawnee, Kansans best rental cars, best rental cars and more.

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