Topeka Kansas Accor Hotel

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Known for its independent restaurants with historic charm, it is home to one of the oldest hotels in the USA, the Topeka, Kansas Accor Hotel. The hotel is located just blocks from the Kansas State Capitol and a short drive from downtown Kansas City.

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You will experience the adventure of the Old Town of California, the first settlement in California. If you are interested in surviving and planning your trip to this British colonial city, stay in the old town and consider becoming a member of the Topeka Kansas Accor Hotel and its family of hotels. The hotel is close to $5,000 per night and offers a variety of amenities including a full-service bar, restaurant, fitness center, spa and gym. Other amenities include a private pool, outdoor pool and pool house, spa and sauna, hot tubs and showers, indoor and outdoor gym and pool deck. Sights: For points of interest at the top of this page, see a list of all the fun attractions in Kansas City, Kansas.

The Topeka Kansas Accor Hotel and its family of Kansas City, Kansas hotel offers a variety of amenities including a full-service bar, restaurant, fitness center, spa and fitness center.

The Topeka Kansas Accor Hotel and its family from Kansas City, Kansas hotels are located on the Potomac River, where you will find a variety of restaurants, bars, hotels, shops, restaurants and hotels. The old town is anchored west of the historic Oak Bluffs Victorian gingerbread houses and their historic homes, and the historic city map shows the names of the homeowners below. This city has a number of historic buildings, including the Old Courthouse, Old City Hall, Town Hall Park, Kansas State Capitol and many more.

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One of the world's leading custom home builders has created one of its largest and most successful family homes in the United States. The community is served by the Topeka - Kansas Accor Hotel, the nation's first luxury hotel in Kansas City.

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Inspired by the historic period when steam engines and pioneering horses raced across the plains, the Cyrus Hotel's design is also a nod to Topeka's history as a pioneering city in the early 20th century. The hotel is named after Cyrus Cyrus, a Kansas City, Kansas native who founded Kansas State University and put Top Kansas on the map. Led by topeka-based design firm Architect One, Cyrus' commitment to Kansas history and its people is evident in his design.

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More About Topeka