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Kansas is at a crossroads in assessing the performance of the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) in regulating electric utilities. Evergy, formerly Westar, argues that higher rates are the result of Kansas' need to modernize the power grid to expand wind power. This argument is questionable, since the K CC has enabled the conversion of the La Cygne coal-fired power plant into natural gas, as proposed by the Sierra Club. The Legislature passed a bill to order an audit of the KCC because Kansas's electricity rates were 30% higher than surrounding states.

Kansas is one of only six states that has not developed a comprehensive statewide energy plan that prevents Kansans from knowing about energy efficiency opportunities. This failure may well explain why Kansas ranks 46th out of 50 states in access to utilities and renewable energy programs such as wind, solar, and geothermal.

The city of Topeka proposes to use the best possible day and time to minimize the impact of road closures on the surrounding neighborhood and its residents. The map description must show the barricaded part of the road and all the cross roads that could be affected by a road closure. All routes must be clear, as shown by the number of vehicles, the distance from the entrance to the event and the location of the cross roads. Submit a harmless agreement that bears the sole responsibility for the safety and well-being of pedestrians, cyclists, cyclists and pedestrians in the area.

The application to the city requires the approval of the Topeka Public Works and Public Safety Board. The permission for a special permit for events can be withheld in the future, and the deposit will be retained.

If the event is to take place in the downtown area of the TPAC, please contact the NOTO Arts Center by the submission date of your application. If your venue is located in or near the State Capitol, contact Capitol Police to ensure that you have taken appropriate security precautions for barricaded event areas. TPac representatives can assist you in planning an event at the venue once the date of the event has been confirmed. Events will be held in and around the Noto Arts and Entertainment District, not downtown areas or at TP ACAC venues.

They have also agreed to send a person or organisation to the cordoned off area to ensure proper closure. The person assigned to this barricade should remain there for the duration of the road closure, and consent must also be given.

City officials will conduct a review of the event, and once that review is complete, the city clerk's office will issue a special permit for the event. Once the cleanup is complete, you will receive a refund in the form of a special permit for your event at a later date.

Remember that every special event you plan is important to the city of Topeka, whether it is a public event, private event or downtown event. Special permission is required to plan an organised activity that has an impact. For example, if you are planning your event in the city centre, you should plan the event in a location other than the city centre, such as a car park, multi-storey car park or other public space.

If you are holding your event in an established business improvement district, please contact the Major Topeka Partnership by the time you submit your application. You agree to inform companies located in the vicinity of the event of the time and date and the location of the company.

If you are submitting your request for special events to allow time for processing, please take into account the timetable for the Council meeting. When you submit your request for special events for the City of Topeka, Kansas City, KS, the timetable for the Council meeting will not be taken into account when submitting the request for special events, as this will allow time for processing.

The purpose of the deposit is to ensure that normal traffic flow and access to the site are quickly restored and that the site (s) are restored to their former state, except for normal wear and tear. Block parties are exempt from this rule, but special events require debris deposits. This will help you identify services, equipment and activities that are needed at an early planning stage.

Liability insurance is required if the block party lists the city of Topeka as an additional insured of $500,000. A hold harmless agreement is used for block parties that serve only food in the city - of course.

If you are interested in how the KCC regulates Kansas utilities, please attend the meeting or call 296-7015 for more information.

The schemes under consideration include: 'reducing the length of the road closure', 'using alternative roads' and 'advising surrounding property owners'. The city requires that events serving alcohol, grains or malt drinks submit a special request less than 60 days before the event. The exemption is promoted by a city council and must be approved at a regular council meeting, which is normally held on the first three Tuesdays of the month. Organisers can apply for an exemption from the Noise Regulation if they have had a noise complaint that may have been triggered by their event.

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