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Topeka artist Shelly Bedsaul has lived her entire life on the West and East coasts, but she has never felt more at home than when she moved to the Midwest. Little did she know that her husband and two children would be living in Topeka, in the middle of an emerging arts district. When she got an original tattoo in Top Kansas, the owner of the shop was impressed with her work. She was brought in for a visit, a twist of fate that would change her life and keep her in Kansas.

Her work caught the attention of the Shawnee County Preservation Association, which awarded her the Kaw Region Art Park Award in 2006.

Jennifer Bohlander's lavish elephant painting is a magnet for people who want to visit and photograph Topeka's NOTO Arts & Entertainment District. Her elephants, her own tattoo shop and a popular restaurant run by her husband Jon have changed the mood in the neighborhood. In addition to the artwork inside, she has added several sculptures to the capital's grounds, including a sculpture of her and her daughter's wedding, a mural of a woman's face and an installation of an elephant.

If you want to collect art or buy art, there are a number of art galleries where you can find artworks in Kansas. Head east on 6th Street and you'll discover new artists and see amazing splashes of color painted by incredibly talented artists. You can refer directly to the galleries that represent your art or buy them.

This art gallery features works by some of the most talented artists in Kansas, as well as many other artists from around the world.

The Ulrich Museum has a large collection of more than 70 pieces spread across the Wichita State University campus. There are three galleries on the ground floor, and while the centre is advertised as a larger collection of original works by renowned artists, there are also special exhibitions. When you visit this modest museum, it displays a wide variety of artworks by some of the most talented artists in Kansas and the world.

The Mulvane also has the free ArtLab, a practical learning facility for people of all ages. The free gallery includes a changing program of programs that are offered for sale. These programs offer the Topeka community dance and cultural experiences that would not otherwise exist, and show a wide variety of dance, music, dance history and other arts.

Don't miss the line-up that delivers a side - a splitting show with nonstop laughs, with a cast - of artists from around the world.

The production offers the opportunity to present the Topeka community with diverse, multicultural and original works, while creating opportunities that are particularly aimed at people of color. Participating artists will jointly develop art projects developed and supported by professional artists in the community. Create your own artwork on weekend evening art classes offered at the NOTO Community Arts Center. The Center for Mental Health and Substance Abuse in Kansas City, Kansas, offers clients aged 8 to 18 years who live with mental health problems the chance to create their own artwork.

The main goal is to beautify Evergy Plaza, located at the corner of North Main Street and East Sixth Street in Topeka, Kansas. The main objectives are to embellish a modest outdoor mural outside the Kansas City Police Department headquarters on East Fourth Street, in the heart of downtown.

The mural offers an important opportunity to bring more art into the community and help reduce property crime and vandalism. We asked an artist to paint the wall who would respect our community as a unit. The Kansas Historical Society is a state agency that actively protects and shares the history of our state. Look for someone in Kansas who can be the eye and ear for what's happening in the state.

Designed by world-renowned architect Michael Graves, this library is a landmark and worth a visit. Enjoy cutting-edge drama at this dinner and non-dinner show, and the beautiful libraries are well worth a visit.

This is an annual fundraiser for the Topeka Symphony Orchestra, presented free of charge to the Downtown Topeka community. These funds will be used to offset some of the costs of robust and important youth programs run by the Topeka Orchestra. Come and join us for a great evening of music, food and fun at the top of downtown in the heart of the city.

The Summertime Blues Concert Series brings the community together to experience the blues with free performances by nationally recognized musicians. The Historic Jayhawk Theatre has become known as one of the most popular venues for blues concerts in Kansas State.

The installation gate, which artist Michael Bradley created as part of his work in the NOTO Arts District, is used to secure the area around the fire ceramics in such a way that found objects are included. Click on the Art Gallery Guide above to see a list of all the art galleries in Kansas City, Kansas. This link takes you to a list of art companies where you can quickly see how the shows - the - are going.

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More About Topeka